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January 2006
- Our school placed third in the contest „Decorate our town for Christmas holiday” in the category of institutes.  Decorating was under the direction of Nagygyörgy Lászlóné.
 - The craft study group made an exhibition from the project works made last year. Teacher: Szénási Mihályné
- Káldy Lajosné, the leader of the day-care team organised a practical class, where the children made decorations for the carnival.


- Our student council organised ice skating for our children on 28th January. 32 children took part in this program, which was a great success. Everybody could try his talent on the ice. There were children who tried to skate for the first time. If somebody was cold they could warm up with some hot tea. Express our thanks to the Molnár family, who invited our children. Pictures can be seen in the gallery.
- A story-writer competition was announced in December for children in class 3, 4, 5 and 6. They could write about anything connected to water. 20 children entered the competition. The best competition works got a reward. The evaluation of the works was made by two retired teachers Ürmös Lászlóné and Nagy Józsefné. The prize-giving ceremony was hold in the library. The best four essays can be read on our webpage.

We had our Carnival on 17th and 18th February. On Friday the upper class, on Saturday the lower class students could appear in their fancy dress. About 300 students dressed up. As usual we rewarded everybody with a piece of cake. Some of our teachers dressed up as cowboys and they danced much to the delight of our students. In the lower classes the whole class dressed up. There were parents who took photos or recorded the carnival on video.

Thank our teachers for their work, especially Nagygyörgy Lászlóné, Perléné Lovasi Katalin and Szabóné Mezei Andrea who made the decoration in the gym.

You can see lots of photos in our Gallery.


-         Horváth Ernő, a teacher of Bakfart Bálint Art School, gave a lecture on music. His topic was “How were composers living in different areas and times inspired by nature?

-         An exhibition was organized on the occasion of “World Water Day” in the Community centre. A lot of beautiful paintings of Zsombolyai Mária and our children’s works were shown to the residents of Oroszlány.

-         The ÉDV (North Transdanubian Water Authority) and MHT (Hungarian Hidrological Society) announced a competition “Water in the culture of mankind from the prehistory to date”. The members of drawing study circle leading by Nagygyörgy Lászlóné and Perléné Lovasi Katalin received recognition.



-         A reader competition was organised by the Hungarian language teachers. The topic was Easter.

-         Easter decorations for doors and windows were made by lower classes pupils.

-         Class 4.a made their new classroom decoration titled “Aquarium”. Their form teacher is Mészárosné Fehérvári Mónika.

-         Our classes made different activities on the occasion of Easter (sprinkle, painting eggs).

-         Jungerné Pőcze Gabriella, Káldy Lajosné and Zsebők Ildikó travelled to Greece in the scope of teacher exchange, where they gave a presentation on our country, town and school and they made activities about Hungarian Easter traditions.


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